ABCIRH (Mil-C-5015 Style)

Mil-C-5015 Style (Traction, Industrial, Aerospace and Defence)

Mil-C-5015 style, Approved to VG 95234 style, Conforms to LUL standards, Reverse Bayonet Connector, Low Fire Hazard, Halogen Free Rubber Inserts, 7.5amps to 500amps, -55°C to +200°C, 1 to 85 contacts.

Halogen Free Bayonet Lock Connector.

ABCIRH Series. The AB Connectors Industrial Range is a development based on the ABB MS Series.

To minimise wear caused by vibration and frequent coupling, the bayonet lock coupling method features stainless steel pins at the critical wear points on the cam track of the fixed connector.The connectors are supplied with low fire hazard halogen free insulators as standard. This material has been independently tested and conforms to the most stringent requirements.

ABCIRH connectors meet all the electrical, mechanical and environmental requirement of BS9522-F0032 and VG 95234.

A range of accessories is available which meet the requirements of industrial applications including those of the Mass Transportation market.



Shell: Aluminium alloy with cadmium free plating and choice of passivation colour.

Insulators: Low Fire Hazard.

Grommet: Low Fire Hazard.

Contacts: Copper alloy, silver or gold plated.


Coupling: 3 Pin Bayonet.

Polarisation: Insert orientation. Colour identification

Contact type: Crimp or p.c.tail

Contact Arrangements: 1 to 85 contacts.


Maximum contact Current Rating: 7.5 to 500 amps.

Voltage Rating: Between 350V and 1750V AC or DC working.

Contact Resistance: 5 milliohms max.

Temperature Rating: -55°C to +200°C