Filtered Connectors (Special Purpose Connectors)

Special Purpose Connectors (Aerospace and Defence, Industrial)

We can filter all our ranges of connectors to meet customer requirements. Our range of EMI/EMP protection connectors offers the same versatility of standard connectors together with providing EMI/EMP protection for sensitive circuits. Please contact the Factory for standard and specific needs.

EMI/RFI Filtered Connectors.

Filter Connectors. The concern over interference in sophisticated electronic equipment, now operating on lower power levels, has seen an increase use of in-line filter devices to suppress either the effect of externally generated interference, or to reduce emissions from the equipment itself.

AB Connectors have engineered solutions which can be adapted to many of the market standard connector ranges, making retro-fitting to existing equipment a quick and effective solution, to EMI/RFI problems.

As an alternative, AB Connectors produce Interface Filter Adaptors which simply plug in between existing connectors, thereby making modification in the field a simple and cost effective option.



Connector Types: MIL-C-5015, MIL-C-38999, MIL-C-26482 Series 1

Coupling: Bayonet & Screw.

Contact Type: Non-Removable, solder or p.c. tail.

Filter Type: "C" or Pi.

Technology: Planer or tubular.

Full technical information can be obtained by contacting the AB Connectors Sales Office.

Filtered Connectors (Special Purpose Connectors)