MK 35 (Marine Connectors)

Marine Connectors (Aerospace and Defence)

D38999 series III product , Naval applications, Marine Bronze Shell, Rigid Plastic/Silicone Rubber Insert, -65°C to + 175°C, 5 to 46amps, 1 to 128 contacts.

High Density Screw Coupling Connector.

Mk35 Series. The AB Connectors Mk35 Connector series is derived from the American Mil-C-38999 Series III specification.The connectors intermate and can be interchanged with the standard Series III connector, but to ensure optimum performance in the most severe environments, Mk35 connectors feature nickel aluminium bronze as the material for shells, coupling nuts and other major components.

Mk35 connectors feature 100% "scoop proof" design and coupling is achieved by a triple start course thread. The connectors also feature a self locking anti- vibration mechanism for secure mating in high vibration environments.

Contacts which conform to Mil-C-39029 are crimp rear insertion, rear extraction and the socket is protected from probe damage by using a restricted entry design.

Sealing between mating connectors is by compression of a interfacial seal and around each individual contact.

A comprehensive range environment/plain backshells and accessories is available.

AB Mk35 connectors conform to the requirements of CECC75 201 002 Specification.



Shell: Marine bronze, self finish

Insulators: Assembly of rigid plastic/silicone rubber

Contacts: Copper aalloy, gold plated


Coupling: Triple start course thread

Polarisation: 5 key/keyway

Contact type: Crimp, rear insertion, rear release, rear removable

Contact Arrangements: 1 to 128 contacts


Maximum contact Current Rating: 5 amps to 46 amps

Voltage Rating: Working 550V to 1250V DC/AC Peak

Contact Resistance: 5 m ohms max

Temperature Rating: -65ºC to +175ºC