MK 38 (Marine Connectors)

Marine Connectors (Aerospace and Defence)

D38999 Series 1, conform to BS 9522-F0034, Nickel Aluminium Bronze with Anti-Glare finish, Rigid Plastic/Silicone Rubber Insert, -65°C to + 200°C, 3 to 24amps, 3 to 128 contacts.

3-Start, High Density Screw Coupling Connector.

Mk38. The Mk38 system of connectors conform to BS9522-F0034 and can withstand the toughest conditions found in the military ground and marine equipment fields.

The range features a high density 100% scoop proof design with a coupling mechanism featuring a quick start thread with an anti-vibration device within a course ribbed nut. This provides positive metal to metal bottoming between connector halves, resulting in a typical screening performance of 75 dB at 100MHz and 65dB at 1000MHz.

MK38 connectors are available in shell sizes accommodating from 3 to 128 contacts in a comprehensive range of platforms compatible with MIL-C-38999 Series 1.

Crimp rear insertion, rear release contacts conform to MIL-C-39029.

The connector range is available with a full complement of sealed outlets and accessories.



Shell: Nickel aluminium bronze with antiglare finish.

Insulators: High grade plastic/silicone rubber.

Contacts: Copper alloy, gold plated.


Coupling: Quick start threaded with audible anti-vibration feature.

Polarisation: 5 Key/Keyway.

Contact type: Crimp removable.

Contact Arrangements: 3 to 128 contacts.


Maximum contact Current Rating: 3 to 24 amps.

Voltage Rating: Working AC or DC peak between 550V and 1250V r.m.s.

Temperature Rating: -65°C to + 200°C