SBORD Inter-Vehicle

Power Connectors (Aerospace and Defence)

Inter-Vehicle, Nato Slave Start range of Fixed and Free Connectors, 1000amp for 6mins, -55°C to +100°C, Single Pole Coaxial Contacts.

Inter-vehicle, Slave Start Connector

Intervehicle Connectors. SB-ORD. Intervehicle connectors fully conform to NATO approved standards and provide a quick, foolproof method of restarting electrically disabled military vehicles in the field through a vehicle-to-vehicle battery jumper system where a 1000 amp maximum current rating is required.

Intervehicle connectors are capable of withstanding severe battle environments and are of single piece, rubber moulded construction impervious to engine fuel and lubricants, shock proof and dirt proof through the use of tight seal protective caps.

An SB-ORD. Intervehicle adaptor is available for interfacing between the previously accepted system of parallelling two lengths of cable with two connectors each and NATO single twin cable and coaxial contact system.

A fully harnessed system is also available.



Shell: Single piece polychloroprene moulding.

Insulators: Neoprene.

Contacts: Copper alloy coaxial, tin plated.


Coupling: "Push-pull" friction.

Contact type: Solder or crimp with straight bolt on lugs for size 0000 AWG to 4 AWG cable.

Contact Arrangements: Single pole coaxial construction.


Maximum contact Current Rating: 1000 amps for 6 minutes.

Voltage Rating: 110V DC

Contact Resistance: 0.5 milliohms max.

Temperature Rating: -55°C to +100°C