Blog: Measuring automotive exhaust gas temperature

9 Mar 2017


An important part of reducing the emissions of diesel combustion engines depends on knowing the temperature of the exhaust gases - let’s take a closer look at this topic:

Starting in the early 1990s, legislators around the world began to limit the amount of pollutants emitted by motor vehicles to protect the environment. While CO2 and other emissions from petrol-engines is a concern, a more significant focus has clearly been on the diesel engine.

Automotive industry qualified power inductors are robust and efficient

16 May 2016

Weybridge, UK, 16 May 2016 - TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, today launched the HA78 series of power inductors aimed at LED driver and braking control system applications in the automotive market.   The inductors are Ideal for high power density applications where size is critical and particularly where high-efficiency DC-DC converters are using high switching frequencies to 3Mhz as well as EMI and low pass DC filters.

SMT power inductors support 180°C high temperature operation in automotive applications

26 Apr 2016

TT Electronics has launched a new range of surface mount (SMT) power inductors for use in high temperature, high power, automotive applications. The HA72T-06 series inductors meet the growing automotive market’s demand for certified, high power inductors for high efficiency DC-DC converter deployment using high switching frequencies up to 3Mhz as well for as EMI and low pass DC ripple filters in high temperature environments.

New Video about SIMPSpad-Technology

1 Jan 2016

SIMPSpad - Long linear sense through: Enjoy Benjo Ensink's online presentation is now available on our website.

Watch and learn about the opportunities of this inductive position sensing technology in the editorial video.


Low Profile Power Resistors used in E-Racer Design

18 Dec 2015

In 2015 TT Electronics supported a number of teams competing in the Formula Student Germany motor racing event by providing high power and high surge resistors for use in designs for the electric racer category. One team supported was Elbflorace from TU Dresden, whose entry is pictured.