Success Story: Industrial

New Motor Controller Speeds Up Manufacturing and Improves Profitability


TT Electronics engineering and design teams continually work with our customers to improve manufacturing and increase their profitability. In this example, the PCBA design for a motor controller was in question. The original design was a combination of surface mount and through hole technology. Wires interfered with the bus bar alignment tooling and were often used as current shunts. The main power supply was soldered to the main capacitor board and connected via wires.


TT Electronics engineering and design teams  came up with a solution in which the redesigned motor control was much smaller and easier to assemble. All components were converted to through hole technology to simplify the manufacturing process. All current shunt wires were replaced with ferrites and hall sensors to measure current throughout the controller. The power supply was incorporated into the main capacitor board to improve efficiency. The result was a faster assembly process and a smaller, less costly assembly to manufacture.


When Manufacturing Challenges Happen, TT Electronics delivers

Change is the only variable we can count on in today's highly volatile marketplace. Change is constant and as a partner to our customers, TT Electronics must embrace change. When changes effect our customers, it affects us. We work together with our customers and their suppliers to find solutions to challenges that arise over months and sometimes overnight. 

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