New Product Introduction

New Product Introductions & Electronics Prototyping

From Thought to Prototyping to Finished Product: Providing Experience and Knowledge to the New Product Introduction Process

While other contract electronics manufacturers outsource engineering and design services or confine them to an individual department, TT Electronics Global Manufacturing Solutions embeds them into our entire proprietary New Product Introduction (NPI) process, which is covered by our global ISO9001, AS9100, and ISO13485 certifications. Every day our TT Electronics’ engineers from our manufacturing facilities located around the world, are working on hundreds of new products in different stages of the engineering, design and prototyping process.

TT Electronics New Product Introduction Process is much more than prototyping, tooling, global component sourcing and manufacturing. We recommend electronics test development procedures and processes from system level assembly developmental to final, real-world durability and reliability testing. We offer customers the very latest in testing processes and equipment, from vibration and heat testing, to functional test and development programs.

By taking ownership of the new product introduction process, TT Electronics ensures that our customers deliver products to market faster and with many benefits engineered into the design and manufacturing process. Learn more about the TT electronics proprietary New Product Introduction process and Test Development programs and see why our customers call us partners instead of manufacturers.