Cleanroom Facilities

Sterile Production Environment for Aerospace & Medical Device Manufacturing

Cutting Edge Cleanroom Facilities Meet the Most Stringent Electronic Production Environment Requirements

For certain electronics in both the medical device and aerospace industries that require a clean production environment and a controlled manufacturing process, TT Electronics Global Manufacturing Solutions has invested into a new state-of-the-art cleanroom manufacturing facility located in our Suzhou City, China plant that complies with ISO 14644 standard. With years of experience manufacturing a wide variety of sensitive electronic products, TT Electronics is trusted by the world’s largest medical and aerospace manufacturers.

Developed specifically for low volume, high mix electronic manufacturing, TT Electronics’ cleanroom provides a production environment with minimal pollutants ensuring that sensitive electronics are not harmed during the manufacturing process. The equipment located within the cleanroom itself is specifically designed to omit minimal levels of air contamination. The Suzhou cleanroom is a Class 7, (i.e. 10,000) and has two workstations that comply with Class 1,000 standard. Our highly trained experts know and understand this special, sensitive environment.

If you have specific electronics manufacturing needs requiring special care, TT Electronics can provide you with one more solution through our cleanroom facilities.