Success Story: Industrial

Collaborating with a Manufacturer of Industrial Motor Controls for Offshore Oil Platforms


A leading manufacturer of industrial motor controls was experiencing performance issues with one of their motor controls being used in their customer's oil platforms. The oil drilling company gave the customer three months to replace the motor controls or face production penalties of nearly 1 million pounds per day. The motor control manufacturer came to TT Electronics IMS to help them design and manufacture a new motor control that would perform to their customer's expectations.


TT Electronics took the manufacturing specification and began to source components immediately for the previously discontinued motor control.  Electronics manufacturing was done around the clock at TT Electronics' facilities to meet the production requirements, which included more than 90 minutes of testing per unit produced.


The manufacturing and later replacement of the faulty motor controls was done quickly and efficiently without TT Electronics' customer incurring any financial penalties. The motor control customer thanked TT Electronics for being a true partner in their business that understood both the performance and financial implications of the problem. 



When Manufacturing Challenges Happen, TT Electronics delivers

Change is the only variable we can count on in today's highly volatile marketplace. Change is constant and as a partner to our customers, TT Electronics must embrace change. When changes effect our customers, it affects us. We work together with our customers and their suppliers to find solutions to challenges that arise over months and sometimes overnight. 

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