TT Electronics’ power management and control solutions employ a range of technologies to help our customers achieve economic efficiency. These include high-reliability sensors and switches, rotary position sensors, trimming potentiometers, power electronics, and power management solutions. Our aim is to ensure that your power stations and plants maintain integrity and operate safely.

Latest industrial news

Flyback transformer
Flyback transformer from TT Electronics is optimised for industrial applications

25 Apr 2017

Delivers high temperature and isolation characteristics for enhanced safety and reliability

High-performance industrial pressure transmitters
High-performance industrial pressure transmitters offer OEMs excellent long-term stability

26 Apr 2016

TPL Series introduced globally to serve industrial automation, off-road vehicle, hydraulics and pneumatics, and instrumentation sectors

TT Electronics
High reliability resistors from TT Electronics enable current sensing in industrial medical and automotive applications

13 Jan 2016

High power low value SMT shunt resistors key to monitoring and reducing energy usage.