Our strategy

Leveraging our attributes and unlocking their potential

We leverage our attributes by training and supporting our people, enhancing our culture, bolstering our brand, making the most of our global manufacturing footprint and providing a clear focus for our teams in sales, R&D and operations.




Maximising value through our strategy

Our focused strategy unlocks our potential, optimising our business performance to maximise value for our stakeholders.


Our strategy:
  • We focus on building leading positions in areas of the market where there are structural growth drivers and the proliferation of electronics is driving demand for our solutions
  • We concentrate our time and resources on market areas where our industry expertise and R&D investment create strong and differentiated capabilities valued by our customers.
  • We are committed to solving our customers’ toughest electronics challenges by engineering smarter solutions together.
Following the disposal of the Transportation division, we have identified three strategic priorities which we are increasing investment in:
  1. Value-added product solutions
  2. Business development
  3. Operational excellence

Winning in end markets where we are well positioned

We focus our business operations in four end markets and report through three divisions.


End markets
Our focused business portfolio
  • Sensors and Specialist Components
  • Power Electronics
  • Global Manufacturing Solutions

Creating sustainable value for our stakeholders

Our flexible approach allows us to respond to changing customer and market dynamics. Our focused strategy ensures we have clear priorities to maximise the value for our stakeholders.



Our strategy is structured to drive growth and create value for our shareholders. We have a progressive dividend policy.

Read the Chairman’s statement in the 2017 annual report.


We reward and support our
people globally, both financially and through personal and professional development. We foster a culture in line with our values.

Read the Corporate responsibility section in the 2017 annual report.


We work with our customers to transform their product ideas into tangible solutions, using our leading electronic engineering expertise.

Read the Divisional reviews in the 2017 annual report.


We manage our business activities to minimise the environmental impact of our operations, and support the local communities we operate in.

Read the Corporate responsibility section in the 2017 annual report.