Power Modules

About Semelab


By applying our engineering expertise and innovative design approach, TT Electronics has developed a number of standard platforms to achieve improved product characteristics, including:

  • Increased thermal management
  • Higher temperature performance
  • Lower mass and size
  • Low profile
  • Reduced cost
  • Improved longevity of life-cycle

Features and benefits

Power Modules

These improved characteristics, whose modular nature can be applied in combination, provide the following real life benefits:

CTE matched construction

  • Increased reliability
  • Extended product life

State-of-the-art wideband devices

  • Higher temperature
  • Low loss performance

Standard baseplate design

  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Lower NRE’s

Continued development

Given the importance of components reliability in critical and challenging conditions, we are continuing to develop new processes to provide measurable improvements in system reliability, including:

  • Double sided cooling
  • Advanced die-attach
  • Wire-bonding