As electric vehicles gain even greater importance, TT Electronics intends to play its part in supporting customers with this environmentally friendly alternative to conventional vehicles. We offer customer specific solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles. These span applications that include battery management, electrical traction drives, relays, and in-wheel-drive systems.

The customer specific inverter for E-drives contains the required hard and software components for controlling the synchronous engine as well as the control of the complete vehicle. An integrated DC/DC converter supplies the 12V vehicle system voltage for light, water pump, E-Gas reporting, dashboard etc.. The heat reduction of the power stage is done via water cooling system.

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Typical applications

This customer specific inverter was developed for an all-electric motorcycle.

Special features

  • Thermal management at 0.1 K/W
  • Scalable power stage
  • Project handling and integration of hard- and software according to ISO26262 ASIL-C level
  • Specific power density: 11.7 kW/kg

Application specific data

  • Voltage range: 200 V - 303 V
  • Continuous current: 39.4 Aeff
  • Peak current: 137.9 Aeff
  • Rotation speed: max. 6,600 rpm
  • Lifetime: 1,000 h / 10 years

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This customer specific module includes 2 complete B6 IGBT bridges, the driver circuit and controller board. The highly integrated module provides protection from over temperature, over current and over voltage. The IGBT bridges with a low inductance layout are printed on ceramic substrates using the latest IGBT technology.

Typical applications

Development for an in-wheel-drive-system integrated in a 18 inch wheel rim.

Special features

  • Extreme compact and robust design (100 g shock)
  • Highest power density 108 kW/l
  • ISO 26262 / ASIL D compliance
  • Fulfills extreme reliability requirements (400,000 active temperature cycles)

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During the start/stop-mode this customer specific developed electronic power switch for hybrid vehicles disconnects the start battery from the support battery of the power circuit.


Special features

  • Switching of maximum start and battery current
  • Same packaging volume as an equivalent mechanical relay
  • Absolutely noiseless switching
  • Over 300,000 active cycles possible

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An inductive high speed rotor position sensor (HSRP sensor)

HSRPA combination of high accuracy and fast response time is required for rotor position sensors in the electric motors of hybrid or electric vehicles. This allows the control unit to drive the motor optimally, and leads to a reduction in energy consumption and an increased range of the vehicle. AB Elektronik has developed a new high speed position sensor to meet these requirements. First prototypes of this new sensor have demonstrated market leading performance. This technology can be used in other applications where accuracy and response times are critical (for example, electric power steering), and is also capable of making an additional velocity measurement,which could be used in active suspension systems.

The basic structure of the HSRP sensor is similar to AB Elektronik‘s mature and proven Autopad® technology. However, the HSRP sensor uses one coil as a transmit coil and two coils as receive coils. 

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