TT Electronics Power and Hybrid recently participated in a joint-research venture with Indium to develop a new solder interconnect method between the substrate and baseplate of a power module.

TT Electronics recently featured in the May edition of Bodo's Power(R) Magazine.

Semelab Research and Development Manager Liam Mills worked with Indium Corporation to address the issue of uneven solder bondline thickness between the substrate and baseplate of an IGBT module. Their new proposed InFORM(R) method demonstrates more than three times an improvement in reliability when subjected to thermal cycling conditions when compared to the current method.

Fundamentally, the new process ensures the solder bondline is consistently uniform whereas with the current method the substrates have a tendency to 'wedge' meaning that there is less solder at one end of the substrate than the other. This can lead to earlier failure as there is less solder to withstand the stresses.

For further details on this proposed change in power module assembly, the article and presentation poster for the product improvement method are both accessible via the links below: