TT Electronics Launches S-2CONNECT® Creo SOM Development Kit

New offering includes advanced SOM, evaluation board, and accessories, and is ideal in automation, asset tracking, mobile healthcare, and other industrial IoT scenarios.

The S-2CONNECT® Creo Development Kit with LTE Cat M1 / NB-IoT is designed to accelerate digital programmes. The kit is designed for software developers who are charged with reducing R&D risk and fast-tracking their IoT application development.

“The S-2CONNECT series is an end-to-end framework that seamlessly delivers hardware, connectivity, infrastructure, and user experience solutions,” commented Kjell Karlsson, Managing Director at TT Electronics. “The platform helps users streamline the secure connection of products and systems, and enables data-led business decisions, delivering benefits like predictive and preventative maintenace, carbon footprint reduction, and other efficiency improvements.”

The Kit includes the S-2CONNECT Creo system-on-module (SOM), an evaluation board and accessories, and comes with a 3-month cellular subscription.


The recently announced S-2CONNECT Creo SOM is a robust, scalable, and cost-effective embedded system-on-module platform based on Linux operating system for building industrial IoT products. Featuring a powerful processor and cellular connectivity for global coverage, it delivers the perfect communication bridge for true real-time sensing and positioning data. Creo SOM offers multiple industry standard interfaces suitable for a wide range of applications such as automation, asset tracking, mobile healthcare, and broader industrial IoT and is pre-certified for Europe, UK, US, and Canada.

S-2CONNECT Evaluation Board (EVB)

The Evaluation Board is a tool intended to be used by developers of application code for the S-2CONNECT Creo system on module board. It features interfaces via drive circuits and connectors, interfaces via pin headers, power supply, man-machine interaction, and Raspberry Pi hat interface.


The kit comes with USB cable, Ethernet cable, LTE antenna, GNSS antenna, SD card, 6 Jumpers for 2.54 mm headers, and power supply with interchangeable plugs.


Creo SOM can communicate with any server system via cellular network. It uses LTE/NB-IoT/ CatM, with

2G-fallback for global coverage. An embedded SIM with (extendible) 3 months connectivity subscription is included.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

A Software Development Kit is available online.

View the S-2CONNECT series here.

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