TT intends to have a positive impact on the world around us: creating value and enhancing sustainability through our products; the way we do business, including how we look after our employees and interact with our communities; and by reducing our environmental impact. Environment and people matters including culture, strategy, compliance, risk and internal controls are governed as part of our overall governance and risk management frameworks, ultimately overseen by the Board. 

Being a great company to work for enables us to attract and retain talented people, grow productivity,build strong partnerships with our customers and, ultimately, deliver our business goals.

TT’s culture is overseen and supported by the Board. While some aspects, such as ethics and safety, are aligned and reinforced by policy, others are governed by frameworks originated at the centre which empower our sites to work appropriately in their jurisdictions and according to local needs and norms. Our TT Way values connect us all and guide how we work with each other and our stakeholders every day. They are supported by our focus on leadership, knowledge and performance to drive progress,innovation and service as well as build respectful, happy and supportive work environments.

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