Whistleblower Policy and Hotline

Whistleblower Policy and Hotline

The group is committed to an open, ethical business environment and recognises that any malpractice, fraud or other inappropriate behaviour may often be revealed by another employee or third party.

We will act upon any complaint, or disclosure, by any person within the company about such matters as:

  • a suspected criminal offence connected with the busines

  • failure to observe legal obligations or regulations

  • endangering health and safety, or the environment

  • financial or non-financial malpractice

  • improper conduct or unethical behaviour, such as bullying, harassment or bribery

  • suppression or concealment of any information relating to any of the above

Individuals must always act in good faith when making a complaint or disclosure. Any disclosure will be treated confidentially where requested, and those notifying a matter will usually be informed of the outcome of any investigation.

If you would like to raise a matter of concern, this should be done in the first instance with your TT contact or their manager. If you don’t believe this is appropriate, you may escalate to senior leadership within TT Electronics or you can contact the Whistleblowing Hotline via www.ttelectronics.ethicspoint.com. You may do so either identifying yourself or anonymously if circumstances warrant. All reports are investigated in detail and prompt and appropriate action will be taken. We will ensure that all those making good faith whistleblower disclosures will not be subject to any detrimental treatment.