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We do amazing things in Minneapolis.

Our team are trusted partners to world leading healthcare manufacturers with TT’s medical solutions helping improve lives daily.

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1700 Freeway Boulevard, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55430

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+1 763 561 6880

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Power Solutions

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Quick Facts

Quick Facts

 40K sq.m Facility

 Opened in 1919

 100 Team Members

 Certifications: AS9100, ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, RoHS/Reach Compliant

 Focused on Electromagnetics

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We really strive to be a vertically integrated supplier to the medical device industry, providing a wide variety of engineering and manufacturing capabilities

Medical Power Solutions

What Its Like To Work Here

What Its Like To Work Here

At TT Minneapolis, culture is important as it foster collaboration, innovation, and team member engagement.
Fun Facts:

  • We have hired on at least one of our interns to full-time each summer that we’ve held the intern program and we’re growing!

  • Supportive, welcoming, encouraging, FUN!
  • Core values: Be Inspired on monthly basis to recognise those exacting our values
  • Engaging events: at least one fun event per month. Team favorite: ice cream truck! Go to twins games, football Friday’s onsite, walks in the neighbourhood (weather permitting), 5 paid hours to volunteer each year
  • It’s a family – everyone knows everyone. We have people who have been here 44+ years all the way up to having just started with us yesterday!


Pride Week

TT Minneapolis celebrate Pride Week every year.

Sunny Ice Creams

Minneapolis staff enjoying ice creams on their breaks

Christmas Activities

Staff at Minneapolis helping give out food during the festive season.