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Engineering Capabilities

Engineering Capabilities

The Engineering Team at TT Oldham consists of a highly skilled, mixed discipline team, all with considerable experience in the aerospace and defence industry. Main areas of expertise are as follows:

Systems Engineering

  • Requirements analysis and traceability /
  • Formal Change Control process
  • System analysis and modelling
  • Architectural design and requirements decomposition
  • Integration, installation and commissioning

Power Systems Engineering

  • Power levels ranging from 200 W to 300 kW
  • Analysis of Power Schemes and system architectures
  • Protection schemes and hierarchy
  • Safety critical and low risk power solutions


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In-house Test Capabilities

In-house Test Capabilities

TT Oldham has internal capability to perform an extensive range of functional and environmental qualification testing including: 

  • 7-off Thermal Chambers for Temperature / Altitude / Humidity and Environmental Stress Screening (-55 °C to +150 °C, up to15 °C/min, up to 51kft).
  • 2-off Multi-Axis for Endurance and Gunfire Vibration and Environmental Stress Screening (Data Physics V1333 Shaker Tables).
  • Pre-compliance EMC testing (looking to develop BCI capability).
  • X-Ray inspection.
  • Functional test (Pacific 15kW and California Inst 5kW 3-ph 440V/250V AC supplies, 0-60VDC / 1000A DC Load Bank, 3.6kW AC Load Bank). Further capability on Production floor.

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With Unparalleled Expertise In Power Management,

With Unparalleled Expertise In Power Management,

TT Electronics and Ferranti Power & Control have now combined to deliver custom solutions to meet the most complex power challenges.

Our reputation is founded on decades of experience and a commitment to quality that sets us apart from our competitors.With a wide range of skills, facilities and expertise, TT Electronics and Ferranti Power & Control is able to provide customised, innovative solutions focused on customer requirements. Take advantage of our extensive experience with the design, manufacture and test of high-performance custom power supplies and power conversion systems for aerospace and defence applications. Our Military Power Supplies are based on proven designs that leverage the latest advances in power conversion technology. 

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Power Systems For Aircraft

Ferranti Power & Control offers a comprehensive range of military power supplies designed and engineered for aerospace applications.

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Power Systems For Land Vehicles

Ferranti Power & Control has decades of experience in the design and manufacture of complex power & control technology for land vehicles.

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Power Systems For Marine Vessels

Decades of expertise in the design & manufacture of power & control products enable us to offer comprehensive solutions.

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