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Managing The Life of Your Product for True End-to-End Solutions

For most electronics manufacturers, the commitment to the product ends the day the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) or integrated system leaves the manufacturing facility. To be a true end-to-end solutions provider, the commitment to the customer goes well beyond manufacturing and also includes aftermarket electronics device repair services.

For the aerospace, defence, medical, industrial and rail transportation industries, TT Electronics knows the electronics and the components we assemble and manufacture for customers as well or better than they do. Who better to provide electronics device repair and warranty repair than TT Electronics?

As specialists in product life cycle management, we develop custom solutions for product remanufacturing. We can repair and upgrade field returns to provide extended service to your product life. We also manage and implement in-house service and repair through our extensive depot repair programs.

At TT Electronics, we deliver results by paying attention to your changing costs and needs and addressing them during all stages of a product life cycle.

Our commitment to our customers starts during the new product engineering and design process, and continues for years after the printed circuit board assemblies or integrated systems have left our facility. We have teams of skilled engineers who specialise in electronics device repair, depot repair and warranty repair. Obsolete or discontinued electronic components are no problem either. TT Electronics can source and find new components utilising our industry-leading product lifecycle management process to ensure a quick fix for any electronics device repair.

Aftermarket services aren't the end. Repair and global logistics support is another example of the end-to-end solutions TT Electronics provides our customers every day.