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Formable and Lightweight Composite Tubing

TT Electronics is at the forefront of rigid tube design and manufacturing, particularly for aerospace applications. The drive to find stronger and lighter materials impact every element of modern aircraft design. By proactively working to design and produce advanced composites that meet your specifications, we help you stay ahead of the curve in an innovation driven market.

High Temperature Resistant

We understand the importance of delivering materials that can operate in extreme temperature environments, including engines and actuation systems. As a result, we have increased our range of composite tubes by adding a high temperature variant. This ensures that any wiring harnesses close to engines or other heat sources are protected. This new tubing operates at up to 275 degrees Celsius and provides high impact protection in applications requiring top performance in the harshest environments, including those for aerospace, both civil and military.

Post Forming

Post forming properties, when engineered into composite tubing, enable extremely tight compound bends for installation in confined spaces, and also permit flaring or belling. TT Electronics' patented manufacturing methods allow for post forming without loss of structural performance. Our composite material is also resistant to solvents and chemicals including fuel and oil.

Protection from Electrical Interference

Round, oval or semi-square profiles from 6mm to 30mm are available and wall thickness can be specified from 1mm to 3.5mm. In addition, optional electrical shielding properties can be incorporated to provide protection from electrical interference and emissions.

Accommodating Tight Corners

Compared to alternative rigid tube materials, our composite tubes can achieve tighter bend radii. This provides you with more flexibility when fitting into tighter areas.

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A way to scale production quickly that can't do it in-house.

A provider who works as an extension of your team

A reliable, collaborative Electronics Manufacturing Partner, not a "one off project"

An EMS company that supports High Mix, Low Volume needs in some of the most demanding markets

Supply chain optimization