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Performance Machining

With its precision machining capability, TT Electronics has been producing high quality backshell accessories for cable harness applications for 30 years. As we expand our capabilities, our machining of solid or cast materials enable us to provide bespoke assemblies, many of which are used during the design phase of electronic systems.

Design of the component can be performed by either our design team or your in-house resources. All CAD information is used to generate programs for CNC machining capability. 3D models can be produced for prototype or small batch production, and fourth axis can be used to reduce operations on the more complex components.

Our machinery is fit for purpose and includes machining centres, vertical milling, lathes, mills and drills that support multiple operations and small batch work. Most materials can be accommodated and plating services are provided by our approved supply chain, ensuring that our customers receive complete end-to-end solutions.


Standard and Bespoke Backshells

TT Electronics offers a full design and development support program in order to provide bespoke backshells and accessories to meet your individual needs. Each product range can be assembled to suit its particular mechanical and environmental requirements.

Backshells and accessories can also be purchased separately for retrofit, as shown in our parts catalogues located below.

Who We Are A Good Fit For

We're typically a good fit for people looking for:

A way to scale production quickly that can't do it in-house.

A provider who works as an extension of your team

A reliable, collaborative Electronics Manufacturing Partner, not a "one off project"

An EMS company that supports High Mix, Low Volume needs in some of the most demanding markets

Supply chain optimization