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System Level Assembly Test Development and Electronics Testing

TT Electronics provides OEMs with an integrated, end-to-end solution throughout the new product development process. Increasingly, this includes system level assembly test recommendations in the design phase or prior to the manufacturing release, prepared by engineers at TT Electronics’ global electronic facilities.

Throughout the new product introduction process, TT Electronics provides testing recommendations to accelerate the development and manufacturing process. We product engineering and electronics testing services to many of the world’s largest manufacturers in the aerospace, defence, medical, industrial and rail transportation industries.

From in-circuit test development to ensure each component on a finished printed circuit board has been fitted properly to its correct value, tolerance and orientation, to the customized automated and manual functional test systems, TT Electronics’ team is trained in a variety of testing methods and procedures. To accelerate the development cycle, TT Electronics also utilizes flying probe test systems as a faster alternative to traditional bed-of-nails testing in the production and prototype phases. We also utilize the very latest in optical and x-ray inspection equipment to ensure peak performance and durability.

Every day, TT Electronics’ engineers in facilities around the world work on hundreds of new products in different stages of the engineering and design process. TT Electronics' customers benefit from greater and deeper engineering resources as well as our knowledge and experience in assembling, testing and launching hundreds of new products each year. This is often a competitive advantage for our customers, who are empowered to develop and release new electronic products faster and more economically worldwide.

TT Electronics also offers extensive environmental and dynamic testing and measurement programs to meet the individual performance and durability needs of each product.

Through our test development organization, TT Electronics ensures that our customers realize many benefits engineered directly into the design and manufacturing processes. Learn more about TT Electronics' testing programs and procedures and see why our customers call us their partners.

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