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Specializing in High-Mix / Low-Volume Electronics

TT Electronics specialises in the production of high-mix / low-volume electronics built for the aerospace, defence, medical, industrial and rail industries. While many companies specialise in high volume production, we have developed an entire global business process founded on the support of complex low volume, high mix devices. Across our global facilities, TT Electronics manufactures 4,000 different products annually with volumes ranging from 1 to 20,000 pieces per month.

TT Electronics is sensitive to your electronics manufacturing needs, which enables us to build personal relationships with OEMs like you. We ensure that communication takes place consistently throughout the entire process. Skilled at delivering highly complex, variable demand electronics devices to the aerospace, defence, medical device, industrial and rail transportation industries, TT Electronics is able to fully understand and produce exactly what our customers need and want, providing peace of mind and a strong sense of partnership.