Streamline Your Manufacturing Today

Providing One More Solution for Your Specific Electronic Needs

At TT Electronics, our customers are our number one priority. With our expert engineers and manufacturing processes, we are able to take your specific, complex electronics needs and turn them into a reality.

We are the electronics manufacturer of choice for companies needing electronics and electromechanical assemblies with specific demands. From product inception to the testing phase, TT Electronics is the source for complex, low volume, high mix electronics. Depending on the strict requirements for your electronics, we can develop testing procedures that will ensure the durability and longevity of your product.

In addition to our extensive environmental and performance testing, we have a variety of manufacturing capabilities. Thanks to our global footprint, which spans across three continents, TT Electronics is proud to offer a clean room manufacturing facility located in our Suzhou, China plant. From medical devices and aerospace components, to the most sensitive industrial and rail transportation electronics, our clean room ensures that sensitive products are not harmed by environmental pollutants during the manufacturing process.

Regardless of your special manufacturing request, TT Electronics takes extra time and care to provide the exact end-to-end solution for your specific needs.

Who We Are A Good Fit For

We're typically a good fit for people looking for:

A way to scale production quickly that can't do it in-house.

A provider who works as an extension of your team

A reliable, collaborative Electronics Manufacturing Partner, not a "one off project"

An EMS company that supports High Mix, Low Volume needs in some of the most demanding markets

Supply chain optimization