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Facilities are available for the calibration of electrical and mechanical instruments against references that are traceable to National Standards.

Our calibration system meets the requirements of the approval bodies for TT Electronics' Testing Solutions (Abtest) facility. On-site and off-site calibration services are available, depending upon customer requirement.

Electrical Mechanical Physical
DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, AC current, DC resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, Frequency Force, Torque, Tensile strength, Linear, Weight, Rubber hardness, Thread calibration Temperature, Humidity,
Pressure & Vacuum
Traceable Calibration Capability
AC Test Set Low Ohm Adaptor Shadowgraph
Accelerator Low Ohmmeter Shore Hardness Machine
Ammeter AC + DC Manometer Sine Bar
Angle Plate Measuring Microscope Sine Centre
Caliper Megohmmeter Sine Table
Capacitance Meter Micrometer Solder Flow System
Chart Recorder Micro-ohmmeter Solder Pot/Bath
Clamp Meter Milliohmmeter Solder Temp Monitor
Combination Set Multimeter Soldering Iron
Comparator Optical Tachometer Spring Balance
Contact Resistance Meter Oscilloscope Square (Engineers)
Current Probe Oven Straight Knife Edge
Current Shunt Parallels Stroboscope
Current Transformer PAT Tester Surface Plate
Depth Gauge ph Meter Tape Measure
Dial/Digital Indicator Pin Gauge Temp/Voltage Convertor
Dynometer Plug Gauge (Parallel) Tension Meter
Electric Screwdriver Plug Gauge (Taper) Thermal Cycling Chamber
Feeler Gauge Set Plug Thread Gauge (Parallel) Thermohygrometer
Flash Tester Plug Thread Gauge (Taper) Thermometer/Controller
Force Gauge Power Supply Thermometer/Probe
Freezer Precision Balls (Ball Bearings) Thread Parallels
Frequency Counter Precision Rollers Thread Pitch Gauge
Frequency Generator Pressure Gauge Torque Machine
Gap Gauge Profile Gauge Torque Screwdriver
Gauge Block Set Programmable Switch Box Torque Spanner
Height Gauge Protractor Torque Watch
High Voltage Meter or Probe Radius Gauge Torque Wrench
High Voltage Puncture Tester Ratio Box Vacuum Gauge
Hotplate Ratio Tester Vee Blocks
Humidity Chamber RCD/RCCB Tester Vibration Meter
Hygrometer/Humidity Recorder Resistance Decade Voltage Calibrator
Immersion Bath Resistance Meter Voltmeter
Inductance Meter Ring Gauge (Parallel) Watt Hour Meter
Infra Red Thermometer Ring Gauge (Taper) Wattmeter
Insulation Tester Ring Thread Gauge (Parallel) Weighing Scales
LCR Meter Ring Thread Gauge (Taper) Weights (Set)
Length Bar Rule Wrist Strap Checker
Level Salt Fog Chamber  
Loop Tester Scope meter