Analyst Consensus

Company Collated Consensus Forecasts

    Updated 8 May 2024        
  Actual Actual Mean Low High Mean Low High
No. of Analysts       8     8  
Revenue 617.0 613.9 555.6 549.2 562.2 557.8 551.0 570.0
Adjusted Operating Profit 47.1 52.8 55.8 55.0 56.8 59.2 57.8 61.8
Profit Before Tax 40.4 43.0 46.2 45.0 47.3 50.5 48.3 52.8
Adjusted EPS (p) 18.2 19.2 19.7 19.2 20.3 21.5 20.3 22.6
Dividend per Share (p) 6.3 6.8 7.2 6.7 7.6 7.8 7.1 8.8
Net Debt (£m) including IFRS16 leases 138.6 126.2 97.3 103.3 91.9 80.6 92.9 72.1


The consensus figures are an aggregation of publicly available forecasts collated from 8 research analysts. The consensus figure for a particular item represents the arithmetic average of all figures for that item submitted by analysts. The consensus figures are not based on, nor do they represent TT's own opinions, estimates or forecasts and are compiled and published without comment from, or endorsement or verification by TT Electronics. The forecasts on which the consensus figures are based are the responsibility of each participating analyst alone. The consensus figures do not necessarily reflect guidance provided from time to time by TT Electronics where given in relation to equivalent metrics, which to the extent available can be found on the TT Electronics website.  By providing consensus figures, TT Electronics does not  endorse, confirm or express a view on the consensus figures or any underlying analyst’s estimates. The consensus figures are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to, nor do they, constitute investment advice or any solicitation to buy, hold or sell securities or other financial instruments. No warranty or representation, either express or implied, is made by TT Electronics or its affiliates, or their respective directors, officers and employees, in relation to the accuracy, completeness or achievability of the consensus figures and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, no responsibility or liability is accepted by any of those persons in respect of those matters. TT Electronics assumes no obligation to update, revise or supplement the consensus figures to reflect circumstances existing after the date hereof.
TT Electronics does not accept any liability whatsoever for reliance upon, or actions taken based on, any of the information set out in these consensus figures. The consensus figures are forward-looking and as such are speculative and rely on assumptions and events in the future (some or all of which may not be satisfied or may not occur).
The consensus figures do not take into consideration the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any particular investor. Before making an investment decision, a prospective investor should consider its particular investment needs, objectives and financial circumstances, and should seek appropriate professional advice, tailored to the investor's circumstances. Any investment in securities is subject to investment risks.