Company details

Registered office address:
Fourth Floor,
St Andrews House,
West Street,
GU21 6EB
Company number:
TT Electronics plc is registered in England. No: 87249
Ticker Symbol:

Investor queries

Please contact investor relations contacts

FCA Advice on Investment Scams

Millions of people fall victim to scams every year, from experienced investors to poeple dealing with a large sum for the first time. 
Learn more at the FCA

Notification of major interests in shares

Shareholders wishing to submit a TR1 form to notify us of their interests should use the investor relations email address.

Shareholder administration

All administrative queries regarding shareholdings should be directed through our Share Registrar Equinti. Details can be found on the Contacts page.
Correspondence should refer to TT Electronics plc and state clearly the registered name and address of the shareholder. Please notify the Registrar promptly of any change of address.
If you wish to change address on your share certificate and you hold shares in joint names, the notification to change address must be signed by the first named shareholder.
If your partner or relative held shares in TT Electronics and has passed away, please contact Equiniti who will assist you with the documentation required and be able to make the process as straightforward as possible for you.

Checking how much my shares are worth

Please use our share price calculator. Alternatively, you can visit the London Stock Exchange website to get a value. If this is still not available to you, please contact a bank or stockbroker.
Please note that the share price obtained is subject to change depending on market conditions.


The Statement of Investment Principles for the Company’s “TT Group (1993) Pension Scheme” and Implementation can be found below.

Statement of Investment Principles

Implementation Statement