16 March - 18 March

New Orleans, Lousiana

Explore the latest advancements in power supplies, DC-DC converters, motor drivers and uninterruptable power supplies at APEC 2020!


Sergey Komarov

Tom Morris

Business Development Engineer

Interested in learning about practical current sensing with resistors?

Business Development Engineer, and Resistors Expert, Tom Morris, will give a presentation on the purpose of current sense resistors. Join his session on Thursday, March 19th!

David Smolik

Steve Mason

Regional Account Manager

Not sure which product is right for your application?

Ask Regional Account Manager, Steve Mason to guide you through product selection and global manufacturing services that are best suited for your specific application. 

Shahab Shahbazz

Brett Jelkin

Business Development Manager

Are you designing an industrial power supply?

Book a meeting with Brett Jelkin for tips on developing current sense modules, high frequency switchmode magnetics or reactors. Brett is our expert in designing, testing and certifying electromagnetics for power applications.

Mike Torres

Mike Torres

Business Development Engineer

Do you need surge or current sense resistors for your power application?

Schedule a consultation with Mike Torres about the best way to use surge and current sense resistors for your next power application. Mike has devoted his career to designing solutions to the most difficult, high performance, highly regulated resistor challenges.

We are up for the challenge.

"TT offers an extensive portfolio of products for power applications. Our diverse offering includes molded power inductors, semiconductors, current sense resistors and much more. Come talk with our expert sales and engineering team who can walk you through the process of finding the right power product for your specific application.”


Al Hilton

VP & GM, Precision / TT Electronics

Steve Carr

Visit us at Booth 1503 and to learn about our innovative power products and advanced technologies for power applications. Some of our products and capabilities include:

  • Current sense modules and high-frequency switchmode magnetics
  • High-performance semiconductor solutions
  • Switch mode power supplies
  • DC-DC converters
  • Coils and electromagnetic devices
  • Unique-in-the-industry and patented winding capabilities
  • Hybrid microcircuits and multi-chip modules
  • High voltage chip resistors
  • Low profile surface mount inductors 

See where our great new designs can take you.