TT Electronics to Showcase

High-Reliability Solutions for Sensors,
Power and Connected Health

at MD&M West 2020

Sergey Komarov

Sergey Komarov

Expert, Materials Engineering & Optical Sensors

How much does medical device portability matter to you?

Sergey Komarov will share his expertise in miniature ambient-light immune reflective and liquid-sensing optoelectronics with you. Read Sergey's article "Smart Optical Sensors Drive Medical Device Portability"  published in Medical Products Outsourcing magazine. 

Shahab Shahbazz

Shahab Shahbaz

Expert, Miniaturisation

Do you need to miniaturise an implantable or minimally invasive device?

Book a meeting with Shahab Shahbaz for tips on developing miniature telemetry, sensing, charging coils or customised high voltage transformers and inductors. Shahab is our expert in miniaturisation, ultra-fine wire based designs and value-add assemblies. 

Eric Sicard

Eric Sicard

Expert, Medical Manufacturing Solutions

Need to bring high-complexity medical products to market?

Stop by the booth or schedule a meeting with Eric Sicard for details on how our Global Manufacturing Solutions can meet your high mix, low volume medical product requirements. Explore our suite of end-to-end solutions and learn how we engineer smarter solutions together.

Susan Cervenak

Susan Cervenak

Expert, Medical Power Supplies

Discuss your special requirements for medical grade power supplies.

Ask Susan Cervenak to guide you through product selection of standard and modified AC/DC power supplies (1W-2KW) for your specific application. Susan will share with you our latest open frame, wall mount/desktop and new configurable medical grade power supplies.

Mike Torres

Mike Torres

Expert, Surge and Current Sense Resistors

How will you choose the best resistors for medical applications?

Schedule a consultation with Mike Torres about the best way to use surge and current sense resistors, like those required for AEDs.  Mike has devoted his career to designing solutions to the most difficult, high performance, highly regulated resistor challenges.

We are up for the challenge.

"TT has built significant competitive advantage in the connected health arena, tapping into our own power solutions design for a broad spectrum of medical applications. With strong synergies amongst our business units, we have streamlined the supply chain, reduced time to market, and fuelled our mission to simplify the complex – values we’re eager to share with MD&M West attendees.”

Steve Carr

VP of Sales, TT Electronics

Steve Carr



Visit us at Booth 1628 and learn about our latest products, design and development technologies intended for implantable and external medical applications, including:

  • Patented ultra-fine wire winding technology as small as 58 gauge (.0004mm diameter or 1/10 the size of a human hair)

  • Home healthcare equipment and medical wearables

  • Customizable medical grade power supplies

  • Inductors and telemetry (antenna) coils for pacemakers, defibrillators, neurological implants, and cochlear implants

  • Field generation coils for surgical navigation, internal diagnostic positioning, and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) systems

  • Liquid tube sensors with self-calibration circuitry

  • Human machine interface for medical equipment including the latest touch, sensor and display technologies

  • Value-add capabilities to meet challenges around the design, handling, termination, and testing of fine wire coils in a class 100,000 clean room

See where our great new designs can take you.