Automation is embedded in the ideology of modern manufacturing as the prime solution for constantly changing consumer demands and time-to-market pressures.

Automation is embedded in the ideology of modern manufacturing as the prime solution for constantly changing consumer demands and time-to-market pressures. These have been constant issues for manufacturers since the onset of the production line. While the infrastructure may have changed significantly, the question remains the same: How to improve throughput without limiting product quality, to ultimately maximize returns on investment?

Computer numerical control (CNC) and advanced networking capabilities are essential for achieving this result. Yet, these novel capabilities are in turn dependent on advanced electronics solutions that are both cost-effective and extremely accurate. These simple solutions are often overlooked in industrial manufacturing environments, meaning profits are often squandered due to ignorance of the underlying advanced electronics of automation systems.

In this blog post, TT Electronics outlines the essential advanced electronics systems for current and next-generation industrial automation.

Conveyor Belt Package Recognition

Synonymous with the sequential operations of a standard production line, the humble conveyor belt is still a vital component for automation of industrial manufacturing. Various advanced electronics systems can be integrated with conveyors to enhance manufacturing and packaging processes. Optoelectronic sensors, for example, are broadly used to improve the precision of automated assembly, packing, and delivery through autonomous part recognition.

Hermetic infrared light-emitting diodes (IR-LEDs) emit a high-intensity beam of monochromatic light on the IR spectrum at a narrow-angle. This radiance is ideal for non-contact reflective object sensing, assisting with assembly line automation, machine automation, and end-of-travel sensing. TT Electronics offers four proprietary hermetic IR-LEDs for industrial automation, the OP123, OP124, OP223, and OP224.

Packaging and Delivery Systems

Alongside simple positional detection, numerous commercial brands have also turned to advanced optoelectronics components to accelerate essential packaging processes. Slotted optical switches for air-cushion inflation processing offer a unique solution for high throughput and uniform inflation of packing media.

The OPB830 range of slotted optical switches from TT Electronics can be side-mounted for optimal performance, with reliable detection of inflation volumes using an IR laser with a wavelength of 890 nanometers (nm).

Advanced Electronics for Robotic Arms

Robotic arms are now commonplace on many production lines, eliminating the variables of human error and fatigue. These occupy a unique intersection in mechanical engineering, relying on several interacting technologies to perform reliable, repeatable processes. Hall Effect sensors are widely used for positional sensing of robotic components as a function of the magnitude of a magnetic field. The output voltage of the sensor is directly proportional to magnetic strength which is in turn reliant on the position of distinct robotic parts.

TT Electronics offers the Halloic® range of Hall Effect sensors for non-contact switching operations and brushless motors. These have proven instrumental in controlling the positioning of robotic systems, with low profiles enabling the integration of several sensors into a single device for optimal process control. Hall Effect sensors are essential for current robotics technology, and the automation control systems of the future.

Advanced Electronics Systems from TT Electronics

TT Electronics designs and manufactures advanced electronics for tomorrow’s industrial automation challenges today. Conveyors, packaging and delivery systems, and robotic arms are ubiquitous on manufacturing lines nowadays. Yet they are often disregarded for additional investment which could have appreciable impacts on your production and profit margins in both the short and long term.

Have you evaluated your industrial automation systems lately? Schedule and advanced electronics consultation with a member of the TT Electronics team to learn more about improving your production throughput and maximize ROIs.