Robert Coleman, Technical Sales Manager – Power Electronics discusses the demands of the future soldier and TT Electronics solutions able to ensure reliability in the harshest environments

It has become apparent over the last few years that future conflicts will be quick and mobile. With this in mind, the future solider will require equipment that meets the demanding environmental challenges of the battlefield – from the coldest of arctic conditions, to the most extreme desert locations – as they face operations around the world.


TT Electronics has long manufactured a range of fully RoHS complaint VDMOS RF Power MOSFETs, dedicated to the robust and severe environments seen in military communications. The range offers 12.5 V, 28 V and 50 V operation, and two cell sizes – 2.5 W and 20 W, details of our RF portfolio can be viewed in our RF Product Range Brochure.

The excellent matching of the chips enables us to combine die to give us a range from 1 W up to 350 W, thus providing the same technology from drivers to full power output in a wide range of industry standard package options. TT Electronics is proud to say that this range is now over 30 years old, and yet no product has become obsolete. In addition, TT Electronics is able to offer suitable alternatives to other leading manufacturer’s devices whilst offering replacements with little or no circuit or mechanical changes. To identify the alternative you need, contact us



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So what makes the devices so good for this application? Simply put, they offer best-in-class linear performance.beO free packaging technology

This excellent linearity with very high gain and very low feedback capacitance (evidenced in the above power and gain curve for a TT Electronics DR package), combined with very rugged performance, makes these devices excellent for use in mobile, high-powered communications. The silicon chip benefits from having a metal gate structure rather than the more conventional poly-silicon used by our competitors. 

The devices deliver excellence thermal stability and we are able to offer enhanced thermal performance, through devices assembled on diamond substrates; this offers an approximate thermal resistance reduction of 50% and also a 3dB increase in gain due to reduced source inductance. 

Other aspects of the future soldier

In a highly mobile battle theatre, it is essential to have a fast and reliable connection system, and TT Electronics has developed a magnetic connector to meet these requirements. Unlike the standard circular barrel connectors, mag-Net® is a robust, flush-mounting solution that can easily be integrated into the soldier’s uniform webbing. The self-aligning and magnetic latching make for an easy, one-handed approach to connecting the communications unit.

Once connected, the system delivers IP68 rating (waterproofing and dust-proofing) with a maximum available current rating of 8 A – more than enough to power the variety of demanding applications required by the future soldier. The connector is EMC, fluid and shock resistant in accordance with MIL-STDs.

The Mag-Net® connector for soldier borne systemsIn addition, the TT connector range serving military applications doesn’t stop with mag-Net® – our expertise in soldier systems encompasses a wider range of solutions including ultra-lightweight push–pull connectors, as well as a range of micro circular-threaded and bayonet components suitable for military use in harsh environments.

Whilst soldier communications play a key role in modern warfare, comms systems on board fighting vehicles are also a critical requirement.In this field, TT Power Electronics is able to offer expertise in technologies such as power and filtration systems, providing a one-stop shop for any discerning customer in the military arena.