Connect, Sense, Locate.

  • Rugged
  • Secure
  • Scaleable 
  • Certified 

TT Electronics launches IOT OUT OF THE BOX’, a new asset monitoring platform kit built in collaboration with Wittra Sweden AB, a developer of asset monitoring and positioning for the Internet of Things (IoT).

IOT OUT OF THE BOX by Wittra, powered by TT Electronics brings together the expert engineering, design and manufacturing skills of TT Electronics and the intelligent software capabilities from Wittra, delivering a plug-and-play solution for the industrial IoT mass market. The ruggedised kit, which is developed with patented solutions for tracking location over the sub GHz frequency that allows for extended indoor and outdoor range, enables users to connect, sense and locate their assets in the toughest environments such as heavy industrial sites and areas of weak connectivity. With pre-certified hardware, the kit is secure and ready for field deployment.

“In IoT ‘speed to connect’ is critical. And while IoT development kits are not a new concept, IOT OUT OF THE BOX offers a unique and complete solution with everything an end user needs to get an IoT solution up and running within minutes. It features the latest connectivity protocols, sleek hardware design and ability to scale by simply adding to the kit to meet new requirements,” said Charlie Peppiatt, EVP at TT Electronics. “As a platform provider and design-led IoT solutions business, TT provides solutions ranging from low frequency sensor networks right to 5G enabled networks. And, perhaps more importantly, we have a track record of developing fully integrated end-to-end solutions to bring products to market fast.”

IOT OUT OF THE BOX includes a cloud Gateway with cabled ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity, IP67 sensor tags, mesh router and rechargeable long-life tag battery. Delivered with a cloud-based API, assets—such as industrial equipment, tools, vehicles and medical devices—can be tracked to provide real-time data on asset location, movement, usage, temperature and more.

 “With IOT OUT OF THE BOX, we have solved a key IoT challenge for assets physically located behind heavy industrial structures or moving between indoor and outdoor environments, tunnels and other areas where traditional IoT network technology loses functionality, “commented Thomas Bennet, CEO at Wittra. “Our comprehensive solution, developed in partnership with TT Electronics, brings to the mass market a simple yet highly effective resolution to this common asset monitoring challenge. Our combination of expertise is proving to be a powerful force in the exciting world of IoT.”