General Motors Supplier Award

Congratulations to our Sensors and Specialist Components team in North America for earning the Quality Excellence Award from General Motors for their delivery of a credit card resistor.

TT Electronics was recognised for its ability to deliver a “credit card resistor” used for HVAC fan speed control in certain GM vehicles. The product was initially designed for use in just one vehicle but, due to its effectiveness, was quickly implemented in a number of additional GM vehicles. The quality and performance of this particular device even earned Business Development Engineer, Tom Morris, a patent.

“This resistor is manufactured in our Mexicali facility where we were able to perfect the process with no issues over the past 12 months,” said Mike Graham, Specialist Components Sales Director – Americas. “Mexicali Site Director, Rodolfo Rubio, and his team deserve credit for their outstanding level of performance. Tom Morris continues to provide highly-skilled technical support to the GM team, and Business Development Managers, Jack Gaon and Gregg Neidlinger, have delivered excellent service from a sales perspective.”

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