High-performing GBCN resistors round out TT's Green Thick-Film Chip Series enabling Industrial, Automotive and Medical Application designers to meet tomorrow's regulations today.

Woking, UK, 20 November 2019 - TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, today announced the latest series in its Green Thick-Film chip portfolio – the GBCN, a thick-film chip array that is completely free of Pb (lead) and its compounds.


As environmental regulations become increasingly stringent, the new GBCN series deliver peace of mind through exemption-free RoHS compliance. These resistors meet growing industry demand for pull-up, pull-down, level shift and termination functions in digital circuits and compact analogue circuits found in demanding equipment such as process controllers, body control modules and medical devices.

“TT Electronics is committed to providing our customers future-proof designs that remove reliance on RoHS exemptions,” said Barry Peters, VP Product Management and Engineering, TT Electronics. “GBCN and the rest of our Green portfolio enable OEMs to safeguard their system design investments and avoid time-consuming re-spins or, worse, extensive design alterations.”

A single-component, AEC-Q200 qualified solution, the GBCN series contains an array of four isolated resistor elements in a compact 1206 total footprint which results in faster assembly. The GBCN is preceded by two other Green Thick-Film series: the GHVC (Green Thick-Film High-Voltage Resistor) and GWCR (Green Thick-Film Chip Resistor).

Additonal Green Thick-Film series information can be found in our datasheet and supporting documents

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