TT Electronics Launches High-Accuracy, Digital Pressure Gauges for Heavy Industrial Applications


Battery-powered or loop-powered styles are optimised for industrial machinery, heat treatment, and water management applications


Woking, UK, 18 May 2022 - TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered technologies for performance critical applications, today launched a new series of high-accuracy digital pressure gauges. Drawing on TT’s deep expertise in pressure sensors, the DPG series is the company’s first line of pressure gauges using digital technology. TT’s DPG series is optimised for heavy industrial applications including industrial machinery, heat treatment, and water management, offering accuracy within +/- 0.5% of compensated range.

“The high-accuracy DPG Series offers customers a turn-key digital out pressure device that can also be fully customised through its USB interface and dedicated software,” said Andy Roberts, Sales Director, TT Electronics. “It’s an intelligent sensing solution with user-customisable options and powerful data logging features as a standard.”

The DPG series features a loop- (DPG-L) or battery-powered (DPG-B) digital pressure gauge designed for use with gas or liquid up to 100 Bar. Gauge or absolute pressure formats are available, with pressure displayed in Bar, PSI, or the user’s own units on a six-digit LCD display. User-customizable display modes allow advanced message outputs on one or two lines that can be triggered by events that the unit senses. In addition to messages, the user may select an alert-event to occur when pressure falls within a defined band. Coupled with messaging and alerts, a change-over relay can be used to provide switching at user-set points, controlling alarms and other process actions.

DPG series pressure gauges also offer onboard data logging via an integrated USB interface, recording process details of up to 5000 data points time-stamped using the device’s real-time clock. A five-point calibration can be applied using the series’ USBSpeedLink software, enabling straight-line profiles as well as a broad range of custom curves and corrections.

Click here for DPG-L and DPG-B datasheets.