Stontronics, (now part of TT Electronics), has announced availability of the official power supply for the new Raspberry Pi3 credit-card-sized single board computer from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

The new power supply has been specifically designed for the launch of the third-generation Raspberry Pi board, as it requires more power – approximately 2.5A – to support the new Broadcom BCM2837 processor chipset that powers the Raspberry Pi 3. The Broadcom chipset comprises a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 based processor running at 1.2GHZ, together with integrated short-range connectivity including 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN and dual-mode Bluetooth 4.1 Classic and Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) profiles.


We provide the officially approved Raspberry Pi3 power supply, designed to meet the updated and expanded US Department of Energy (DoE) Level VI Energy Efficiency requirements, which became effective last month. The new DoE standard mandates more stringent energy efficiency levels for a greater number of external power supply types. According to DoE estimates, these new requirements will save consumers up to $3.8 billion and cut emissions by nearly 47 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide over 30 years, which is equivalent to the annual electricity use of 6.5 million homes.

Charlie Peppiatt, CEO, IoT Solutions at TT, commented: “The Raspberry Pi Foundation chose us as key supply partner of the only approved power supply because of our expertise in semi-custom design and ability to handle all required third-party approvals to deliver a fully approved Raspberry Pi branded product.”

Gordon Hollingworth, Director of Engineering at the Raspberry Pi Foundation commented: “In addition to the Company’s experience and strong credentials as a power supply vendor and designer, Stontronics also had existing relationships with RS Components and Farnell. This is an important aspect, as both companies are key to the Raspberry Pi distribution strategy and are on the strictly-limited list of official distributors of the Raspberry Pi platform.”

Available in black or white, both colour variants (T5875DV / T5989DV-RS) of the new Raspberry Pi 3 power supply are available to buy via RS Components and Farnell.

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