TT Electronics Launches LRMAH2512 High-Power Shunt Resistors

SMT Shunt Resistors Redefine Precision Current Sensing, Unleashing Robust Performance in Automotive and Industrial Applications with Hundreds of Amps Range

Woking, UK, 13 February 2024 - TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, has unveiled its latest innovation – the LRMAH2512 surface-mount technology (SMT) shunt resistors. Designed to seamlessly complement the existing LRMAP3920 and LRMAP5930, this compact resistor boasts a robust 6W rating, making it the perfect solution for precision current measurements in motor control, power supply, and battery management applications.

“We're thrilled to introduce the LRMAH2512, our newest metal alloy SMT shunt resistor, seamlessly integrated into TT's expanding array of current sense resistors with AEC-Q200 approval,” said Stephen Oxley, business development engineer at TT Electronics. “This cutting-edge component plays a crucial role in enabling our customers to attain precision and surge-resistant current measurements within PCB assemblies. This technology demonstrates TT’s ongoing commitment to developing products that contribute to/enable more efficient energy consumption.”

Building on TT’s expertise in current sense resistors engineered to meet demanding accuracy targets, this new innovation offers values down to 200µΩ at 1% tolerance with TCRs down to 50ppm/°C.

The low TCR and low inductance of this design allow accurate current sensing without compensation circuitry. With a short-term overload rating up to 15W for 5s and high energy capacity, this robust solution is designed to withstand high inrush or switching surges.

For more information on the LRMAH2512, click here. Contact your normal sales representative or email for samples.

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