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TT Electronics' brand Aero Stanrew designs, develops & manufactures custom magnetics and electromagnetic systems for use in high reliability, high integrity applications

Power range: up to 10kVA

Environmental Capabilities:

  • Temperature: -55°C to 240°C

  • Pressure: 10% above atmospheric down to zero

  • Vibration: 6g rms (using local sub-contract test-house)

  • Shock: 25g peak (using local sub-contract test-house)

Power transformers, inductors, chokes

TT Electronics brand Aero Stanrew has developed an extensive range of high reliability magnetic components and assemblies used in a range of harsh environment applications across a wide breath of industries. One of our core capabilities is focused around expertise in the design and manufacture of power transformers, inductors and chokes with the following product types:

  • Linear and toroidal

  • Single and 3 phase

  • Custom switch mode and 50Hz to 400Hz

  • Power supplies/transformer rectifier assemblies

  • Fly out lead

  • Available in air core, ferrite core, etc.

  • Available in customized, standard and potted designs

  • Through hole and surface mount, vertical and horizontal PC mounting styles

Current transformers and sensors

Featuring both linear and toroidal product types, TT Electronics portfolio of high reliability current transformers and sensors have a long-standing heritage within harsh environment current sensing and monitoring applications. Key capabilities in this product area include:

  • Thermal management experience – thermal management of current transformers is integral to achieving required current monitoring accuracy

  • Our understanding of the rigorous manufacturing controls allow us to provide solutions to achieving repeatability in one piece assembly, light weight solutions reducing footprint

  • Engineering expertise to oversee specific system  welding requirements; for example proprietary welding ensuring a one piece bus bar

  • TT Aero Stanrew is able to provde silver soldering and brazing for high temperature applications (resistance and flame brazing), high temperature caustic removal of un-solderable enamels, micro spot welding and micro brazing

  • Ensuring reliable performance stability, required over a wide temperature range.

Solenoid and Actuation

TT Electronics motor windings, high integrity contactors, current relays and solenoids actuators are used in  variety of mission critical actuation systems in a number of aerospace and defence application areas.

Many of these applications are "on wing" or engine mounted so operate in the harshest environments where quality and reliability are not only important but often safety critical.

Filter components and assembly

With the move toward “more electric aircraft”, TT Electronics Aero Stanrew’s products and services have become ever more valuable to the customers it serves because the proliferation of electronic systems means an increase in the number of electromagnetic systems including filtering.

We design and manufacturer an extended range of high current (up to 300A) surface mount and common mode filter components and assemblies ensuring we are at the forefront of this market trend and are proud to partner the worlds’ most elite systems integrators on some of the most globally recognised platforms such as the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Position sensors

TT Electronics brand Aero Stanrew has a proven record in designing and developing Hall Effect, linear and angular position sensors used in a variety of industrial applications.  Fundamentally the sensors operate by detecting the movement of an object and subsequently converting that into a signal that is suitable for processing, transmission, or control.

 As a reliable manufacturer of industrial linear and angular position sensors our custom solutions and expertise in the design and manufacturing processes allow us to provide cost effective solutions for a breath of harsh environment applications such as power generation, subsea, automation and military/aerospace amongst others. Our broad range of signal conditioning instrumentation means we are able to address specific requirements of OEMs and end users.