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TT Electronics Electromagnetics portfolio is continually expanding. Research and investment has been targeted for development in the following areas:

Current sensing

  • Precise current monitoring for health and performance monitoring

  • Regowski coil application in harsh environments

  • Collaboration with leading health monitoring UK university

  • New product and retrofit solution to reduce maintenance costs

Power supply

  • LAMPS (Lightweight Affordable Motor and Power Electronics Systems)

  • Development of low-profile power, control and filtration modules incorporating advanced electromagnetic components, and sub-systems, such as voltage monitoring together with power supply magnetics, transformers and inductors



  • Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI)

  • Development of automated winding techniques and the medium/platform for providing manufacturing data to the shop floor and link into workforce

  • Further accelerate development process

Reverse engineering / Product development

TT Electronics' brand Aero Stanrew is able to perform reverse engineering on products where documentation may not be available and provide a drawing pack as a part of the service. Our experience in a range of industries and extensive in-house capabilities allows us to reverse engineer existing magnetics or electromagnetics assembly to ensure improved levels of performance enhance product service life and reduce costs. All intellectual property will be retained with the customer offering improved performance and continued support to resolve failure modes.