TT Electronics offers design support for any custom applications you may have. Contact us to discuss the wide range of custom transformer options that we can build for your specific project.

Whether you’re looking for a high frequency transformer design, a particular choke & inductor, or interested in exploring the entire switchmode transformer options available to you based on your sizing and frequency needs—TT has the perfect product.

Switchmode Transformers


  • Available for Use in Power Ratings from 200W to 1000W
  • Operates with Controllers from Several IC Manufacturers
  • Ranges from 100µH to 1000µH under Full Load and are Designed for 100kHz Operation
  • Designed using the Industry Standard Input Voltage Range 85VAC - 265VAC at 50/60Hz.
Model Length Width Height Sizing Factor 330Khz
EFD Power Switchmode Transformers 11.7 to 30.8 mm 18.7 to 31.2 mm 5.7 to 12.5 mm up to 280
EP Power Switchmode Transformers 9.9 to 27.3 mm 9.9 mm 10.8 to 20.6 mm up to 310
RM Power Switchmode Transformers 12.6 to 46.0 mm 16.5 to 49.9 mm 11.3 to 31.0 mm up to 1000
PQ Power Switchmode Transformers 23.2 to 40.1 mm 23.4 to 42.1 mm 21.1 to 45.1 mm up to 1500
ETD Power Switchmode Transformers 35.3 to 66.9 mm 24.1 to 66.4 mm 28.1 to 59.5 mm up to 6200



  • Includes Input, Output, Buck, Boost, EMI
  • Up to 1 Megahertz Frequency for Power Input, Output, Buck, Boost, Inductors
  • Up to 20 Megahertz Frequency for EMI Chokes
  • Up to 200 Amps Current.
  • All Shapes Supported (EP, EFD, RM, PQ, ETD, ER, EE, EI, UI, UU, Planar, Toroid, Axial and Radial Lead)

Common Mode Chokes


  • Support for all Switching Frequencies
  • Up to 50 Amps Current
  • All Industry-Standard Shapes Supported (EP, EE, UI, UU, Toroid) to Fill the Common Mode Filter Line Filter Needs
  • SMD common mode choke and through hole common mode chokes

LLC Transformer


  • Reduces costs by as much as 75% and real estate up to 50%
  • 99% transformer efficiency and 95% overall efficiency
  • Reduces transformer losses and costs by as much as 30%
  • Power ranges on standard packages from 100 to 800W. High powered custom LLC transformer designs available upon request.
  • Perfect for LED and LCD televisions, LED lightning, and all AC/DC power converters with a PFC front end
  • High power custom designs are also available

PFC Power Factor Correction Inductors


  • Compact Design for Applications with Airflow
  • Rated power: 200W – 2000W
  • Operate with controllers from several IC manufacturers
  • Designed for universal input voltage range 85VAC – 265VAC
  • Shielded toroidal design minimizes radiated EMI.
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to 130°C
  • Can be used for single phase and multi-phase interleaved CCM PFC topology

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