The Lutterworth site has gained a key environmental certification in recognition of its improved environmental performance.

CEC 50 000 & CEC 90 000

  • Certificate of Approval of Manufacturer

  • Certificate M1040 IECQ


  • Qualified Linears List (June 2001)

  • Qualified Manufacturer Listed


The Lutterworth site is a downstream user and does not use any substance of more than one tonne per year (other than exempted process gases).

TT is not a manufacturer or importer of substances or chemicals, so is not required to register or pre-register under the REACH regulations of directive.

We do not believe we use any substance of very high concern within the meaning of REACH.

We continue to work with our suppliers in ascertaining the registration status of the substances and preparations that we use. To date we are not aware of any issues.

Environmental Policy

The Lutterworth Site is committed to continual improvement, pollution prevention and compliance with legal and stakeholder environmental requirements. Particular focus is given to:

  • Improvement of resource efficiency in areas such as raw materials and energy.

  • Improvement in the management and minimisation of waste.

  • Improvement in the awareness and understanding of environmental issues amongst employees and other stakeholders.