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Capacitive and Resistive Touch Screens

Our customised touch switching technology includes Resistive and Capacitive Touch Screens for all applications including ruggedised, military and medical.

Our turn-key solution includes design, manufacturing and integration, with a wide range of tailored solutions including decorative lens, EMI shielding, function buttons, anti-microbial films, privacy films, ruggedized bezels, anti-glare or anti-reflective surface treatments.

From design to manufacturing, we provide innovative product solutions and manufacturing excellence from ISO and SC21 accredited facilities.

Projected Capacitive

Projected capacitive touch screens do not rely on physical movement of the substrate to register a point of contact they can be bonded to the reverse of several different types and thicknesses of front cover material.

These include glass, polyester, polycarbonate and others. This means assemblies can be made extremely robust, waterproof and vandal resistant. They have a high optical transparency are easy to clean and have no moving parts. Multi-touch and gesture support are simple to implement and open up a range of possibilities for GUI’s.



  • Flexible

  • Up to 10mm thick

  • Glass, polycarbonate or Acrylic

  • Fully sealed – suitable for harsh environments

  • Support of SPI, UART, RS232, I2C, and USB interface protocol

  • ATMEL components


Resistive touch screens are well established, easy to manufacture, design and integrate into an assembly. They are suitable for many different industry sectors offering a high level of accuracy and will often be seen used with a stylus. They are low cost and easy to use but not without limitations with a typically shorter life and they cannot support gestures or multi-touch.



  • Up to 24” diagonal size

  • Low cost

  • Custom sizes available

  • Standalone unit or fully integrated

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