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Accelerate your IoT with Speed to Connect

Speed to Connect is an end-to-end IoT framework that seamlessly delivers hardware, connectivity, infrastructure and user experience solutions. By streamlining the secure connection of products and systems, users achieve tangible results such as improving efficiencies, eliminating unnecessary maintenance, reducing carbon footprint and enabling data-led business decisions.

The first products available from the Speed to Connect range includes the S-2CONNECT Hub and S-2CONNECT Sense devices.

The Hub and Sense bring together an ultimate smart hub using the latest GNSS and LTE technology, receiving data from one or several sensor modules. The system can be deployed for asset tracking, smart home, mHealth, cold chain and industrial IoT applications, transmitting data over LTE Cat M1 or NB-IoT, with 2G-fallback for global coverage.

- Connect, Sense, Track, Monitor.

Speed to Connect


The S-2CONNECT Sense monitors environment associated with a given industrial IoT application, for example a fleet of trucks delivering cold goods, a commercial building or a logistics container. The device senses changes in factors such as temperature, humidity, lighting and movement to remotely detect problems or trigger automated processes.

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The IoT gateway for our Speed to Connect system is provided by the S-2CONNECT Hub, which receives and automatically transfers data which is collected, monitored and analysed, powering intelligence and identifying trends that will drive future solutions and technologies. The device can be used as an asset tracker, smart home gateway and/or industrial smart hub.

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S-2CONNECT Connectivity and Cloud Services

The S-2CONNECT cloud based service system provides device monitoring and control through our dashboard user interface and configurator tool.

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