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WIFIPLUG® for the Smart Home, powered by TT

WIFIPLUG® is the world’s smartest smart plug which works out of the box with every major voice platform; Apple HomeKit (Siri), Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and IFTTT. It is the only smart plug available on the market with an open developer API and unique patented energy meter to monitor and control equipment in the home.

The innovative smart plug enables end users to operate and monitor electrical equipment in the home – from hair straighteners to lighting all autonomously., an enterprise division from WIFIPLUG® is currently working with global brands which allows their B2B customers to detect faults and anomalies in white goods appliances, before they happen, using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Over the last seven years the WIFIPLUG® team has yielded hundreds of millions of data points, giving them a competitive edge over future competition.

The expert engineering and manufacturing capabilities of TT Electronics with the intelligent, deep learning technology and firmware capabilities from the WIFIPLUG® team, combined, deliver an enhanced next generation smart home solution to the IoT mass market.


Your brand, your customers, your machines, your data, one platform for B2B white goods appliance manufacturers

  • Enable self-service and predictive maintenance
  • Understand your customer's habits and usage patterns
  • Retrofit all 10Bn appliances in the field
  • Access to big data (via API)
  • New D2C channel
  • White label / own brand - for Smart home users

  • Control your devices remotely
  • Works out of the box with all major voice assistants
  • Sets up in seconds (just scan code)
  • Understand your energy consumption and cost per use
  • Multiple Timers / Zones / Groups / Boost mode
  • Free device support
  • Open API for hobbyists / developers
  • UK company

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