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Military Power Supplies


  • Military Avionics and Aircraft Systems
  • Military Communication Systems
  • Radar and RF Systems
  • Military Shipboard Electronics
  • Military Vehicle Electronics
  • Electronic Warfare Systems 
  • Weapon Systems

We are a leading designer and manufacturer of power supplies designed specifically for pulsed applications, including radar-transmit modules requiring pulsed load, low-noise DC output, pulse-to-pulse repeatability and high efficiency.

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Pulsed Power Supplies

Our pulsed power supplies provide extremely fast transient response so that the traditional bulk capacitor can be eliminated from the system design.

Pulsed Power Supplies

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Eliminate bulk capacitors from your system with fast, transient response pulsed power supplies.

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Key Features: 

  • 270 V DC to 450 V DC input
  • 28 VDC to 50 V DC output typical for low voltage applications
  • Up to 800 V output for high voltage applications
  • Up to 150A pulse / 100 kHz
  • Multi-Kilowatt power rating with >5 kW pulse and >2.5 kW continuous
  • Packing densities up to 80 W (average power) per cubic in
  • Output linear finishing regulator
  • State of the art output ripple 

Electrical Performance: 

  • >100 Amps output current pulse
  • Efficiency > 90%
  • Output ripple < 5 mV