FlexSense Press Release

There is a growing shift and divergence in the market, where on one hand there is heightened competition and significant price pressure in the low-end volume market, and on the other requirements to meet a rapidly growing customized market that requires more rigorous feature integration and monitoring requirements.

TT Electronics’ FlexSense™ Meets All of Your Requirements

Available in Transmissive FS210 and Reflective FS310

FlexSense™ is a patented optical sensor array that can be programmed for a wide range of code-wheel diameters and resolutions.  This revolutionary sensor is compatible with multiple LED packages and wavelengths.

  • Incremental optical encoder sensor
  • User-programmable photosensor pattern
  • 2 quadrature and 1 index tracks
  • 10 through 40mm code-wheel radii compatibility
  • 500 through 6k PPR resolution compatibility
  • -40°C to 125°C ambient operating temperature
  • Programmable auto-alignment and auto-calibration
  • Closed-loop LED control

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How FlexSense™ Benefits You


Accelerate time to market by reducing engineering costs/effort


Reduce portfolio complexity and simplify supply chain with one size fits many solution


Minimize downtime disruption with predictive maintenance capabilities


Increase manufacturing throughput and cost efficiency


Promote product innovation

Get Your FlexSense™ Evaluation Kit

FlexSense™ Evaluation Kit

The FlexSense™ evaluation kit is designed to help evaluate the FS210 and FS310 in incremental encoder applications.  The FlexSense™ evaluation kit includes a scanner pc board, which contains either the FS210 or the FS310, a breakboard board, a USB cable and a ribbon cable.  An LED board is also included for the FS210 kit only.  All software is included electronically.

  • Scanning board size approximately 60mm x 60mm
  • Assembled with the following components:
    1. FS210 or FS310 programmable pixel array
    2. Signal connector 2 x 15 pin male
    3. LED connector 2 x 6 pin female (used only for the FS210 kit)
    4. Passive components as needed
  • Breakout board, size approximately 80mm x 100mm
    1. Assembled with accessible test points per table 1
    2. Ribbon cable connector
  • LED board size approximately 30mm x 50mm  (included only with the FS201 kit)
    • Assembled with:
      1. LED
      2. Connector 2 x 6-pin male
  • Ribbon cable to connect breakout board to scanning board

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