Looking for a custom power module solution?

About our Power Modules

Our Range Includes:

  • IGBT Modules
  • MOSFET Modules
  • IGBT/MOSFET Modules
  • Rectifier Modules
  • SiC Modules 

Key Features:

  • Light weight
  • Low profile
  • High reliability 
  • High temperature
  • Silicon and Silicon Carbide options
  • Ultra fast switching
  • Customised to mission profile
  • Flight qualified parts

Enhanced Performance

R&D solutions to improve performance:

  • High performance SiC and Diamond coated die
  • Silicon Nitride substrates
  • Light weight, controlled CTE AlSiC baseplates
  • High temperature die attached (silver sintering)
  • Advanced coatings for low profile, high reliability applications

Markets We Serve

Our modules are used across a variety of aerospace and defence, space and industrial applications including:

Power Drive Electronics for Motor Drive Control

  • Flight surface actuation
  • Landing gear
  • Electrical thrust reverse actuation systems
  • Fuel pumps (transfer and feed pumps)

Inverters for power generation and distribution
Electrical main starter units
Energy recovery systems (KERS/"Green Taxi")
Thrust vector actuation
Down-hole drilling motor drives

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