Looking for a customer power module solution?

Key Features

  • Lightweight design for weight-critical applications
  • Rugged encapsulation to withstand harsh environments
  • CTE Matched structure for enhanced Temperature Cycling
  • Wide range of Die Types, Pinouts & Cooling options for almost any application


  • In accordance with accredited hi-rel screening flows
  • To customers own specifications

Our Range Includes:

  • IGBTs Modules
  • MOSFETs Modules
  • IGBTs / MOSFETs Modules
  • Rectifier Modules
  • SiC Modules 

Our Typical Circuit Configurations are:

  • 3-phase bridges
  • Single phase bridges
  • Diode arrays

Our Plastic Modules are used in the following applications:

  • Wing Actuation
  • Motor Drive Electronics
  • Green Taxi System
  • Low Pressure Fuel Pumping System